At the Virginia Institute of Robotic Surgery, we’re committed to providing quality healthcare to you and your family. Your care team consists of a variety of highly trained, experienced healthcare professionals—some of whom you will see frequently and others who work behind the scenes. Each member of your care team takes a personal interest in your care plan and will do their best to make your experience as pleasant and successful as possible.


  • Performs your surgery; oversees and directs your care
  • Checks your progress at follow-up appointments


  • Administers anesthesia to you in the operating room
  • Monitors your condition during surgery
  • May direct your post-operative pain management pharmacist
  • Coordinates your medications based on physician orders
  • Educates you about medications

PAT (Pre-Admission Testing) Nurse

  • Sees you prior to your day of surgery or calls you
  • Coordinates physician-ordered pre-operative testing (ab work, X-rays, EKG, stress test)
  • Reviews your medical history with you
  • Reviews consent forms for your procedure with your pre-op nurse
  • Welcomes you to the surgical services area and verifies your procedure and surgeon
  • Has you change into a surgical gown and reviews your personal items
  • Instructs your family about surgical process and where to wait for you

Pre-Operative Team

  • Introduces your surgical team
  • Helps you apply TED hose/SCs and starts your IV
  • Gives instructions on immediate post-op care

Operating Room Robotic Team

  • Prepares your OR suite in advance of your procedure
  • Assists your surgeon during the procedure
  • Transfers you safely to PACU

PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit) Nurse

  • Monitors you after your procedure
  • Manages your pain control
  • Coordinates with your family for your discharge

Inpatient Nursing Staff

  • Works closely with other team members to deliver you individualized care
  • Monitors your condition and communicates to other team members
  • Helps you and your family with your personal care needs