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Chippenham Hospital’s Levinson Heart Institute was the first in the region to offer the Hansen Sensei X robotic catheter system, an advanced catheter navigation system within the heart used during electrophysiology procedures.

The robotic catheter system, referred to as the Hansen Robot, is a sophisticated, flexible robotic platform that integrates advanced levels of 3-D catheter control with 3-D visualization. This combination provides accuracy and stability within the heart during electrophysiology procedures.

More than 2.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with a complex cardiac arrhythmia, resulting in more than 850,000 annual hospitalizations. Prior to the introduction of flexible robotic technology such as the Hansen Robot, the majority of electrophysiology procedures were done using a manual technique requiring doctors to perform a series of complex manipulations at one end of the catheter. In addition, because these procedures were performed in the electrophysiology lab, doctors would stand for hours wearing heavy lead vests to limit exposure to X-rays when monitoring the catheter in the patient.

The Hansen Robot allows doctors to robotically control a catheter from a workstation, improving their technical capabilities during electrophysiology procedures. As a result, doctors have the ability to place catheters carefully and accurately within the heart. It also reduces radiation exposure to both the patient and doctor and allows doctors to see the location of catheters within the heart in 3-D.

Locations where this procedure is performed:

Chippenham Hospital